Backed by sixteen years’ experience & extreme success in door drop marketing, we provide a comprehensive range of flexible options specially designed to cater for all of your marketing material distribution needs.

Option 1 – Shared Distribution

Here we provide shared distribution of your items to any area of the North East with a maximum three week lead in time so that you can pick the areas you want. We will source other non-conflicting items, to deliver alongside yours, from our client base of thousands built up over sixteen years in door to door marketing. This method is perfect if you want to be seen in every household in a post sector. Ideal For: Retailers, Opticians, Dental Practices, Local Government, Doctors Political parties and other mass market products and services.

Option 2 – Smart Targeted Distribution

This is a targeted door drop where you can have your items delivered to specific households or streets on their own rather than with other leaflets to full post sectors. This method can make significant cost savings on print by identifying with us the actual streets or house types you want prior to distribution. An ideal option if your product or service offering is for a specific market sector or income bracket. This is because we can target clusters of income bracket locations rather than distributing to the whole post sector. Ideal For: Niche market businesses

Option 3 – Solo Distribution

Quite similar to Option1 as your materials are delivered to full post sectors. However, there are two key differences. Firstly only your items are delivered to full post sectors. Secondly, and most importantly for this premium service, delivery is carried out late afternoons & evenings from 4.30pm to 8.30pm & Sat/Sunday from 9am to 3pm. Ideal For: Customers requiring a premium service to ensure their items are distributed exclusively to targeted households at a time when more people are at home. This option optimises your return on investment.

Option 4 – Piggy Back Shared Distribution

Here, you can book your items to be included with a distribution we already have planned. We advise you to contact our office for details of the latest weekly/monthly distribution areas as this information is frequently updated. (For example we distribute to the whole Tyne Valley in Northumberland the first week of each month reaching 27,000 of some of the best residential areas in North East England)

Option 5 – Multi Drop Distribution

This option is for businesses who require multiple copies of their materials delivered to specially selected locations. These can include, for example: business estates; City centres; Libraries; Doctors; Dentists; retail outlets; Community Centres or even specific addresses selected from databases.

Option 6 – You Tell Us

If you can think of something that we have not covered and would like us to do for you, just tell us and we will create a bespoke package for your company.

Roam distribute to the whole of Gateshead, Newcastle and the North East including:

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