"I am delighted with the service provided by Jim Greener and his team at Roam Distribution. Over the past few years, they have overseen a number of drops on our behalf in various postcode sectors. These have always been successfully executed and we are well informed about future drops. Their service is efficient, cost effective and more importantly reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others and I wish them well with their continued growth and success."
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Red Hot Property
"Slimming World is the largest slimming organisation in the Uk with millions of members. It has been around since 1969 and over those 42 years has become expert in how to market each of the thousands of groups that take place up and down the country each week. Central to that marketing is leaflet distribution. They have also found out that the best days to distribute leaflets are weekends. Roam now distribute for over 50 slimming world groups in the North East, most of these on weekends."
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Slimming World
"The Letterbox Team are part of The Effipap Group and we have used ROAM Distribution to help deliver over 1 million British Telecom books over the past 4 years across North East and Scotland. Their prices offer the best value in the area and the ROI is incredible. We look forward to continuing our great working relationship with Jim and all the staff at ROAM."
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Letterbox Team

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